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What can SEO Do For Your Site? Get Found On Google!

One of the fundamental tenets of doing business on the Internet is that if visitors can’t find your web site, they can’t do business with you. With over 1.8 billion active web sites on the Internet right now, the challenge is how to make your web site display for the exact user that is looking for your product or service.

As a business owner you want lots of visitors on your web site, with the assumption that more visitors will mean more sales of your product. However, if you’re selling bicycles, and most of those visitors are looking for skateboards, you’re not going to sell anything. Understanding how to bring about the right visitor to your web site is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, what can SEO do for your site? SEO is a process which ensures highly targeted visitors can find your web site. It tells search engines what your web site is about. It makes your web site easier to find. It attracts more qualified visitors.

If done correctly, a white hat SEO approach will increase your changes of attracting the most relevant user to your web site based on a keyword search that matches your business.

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Our Approach

What to expect working with us

At OfficeSmarts Web Design & Online Marketing, we are highly experienced in delivering highly targeted visitors to your web site. We offer a strategic white hat SEO approach to improving your site’s ranking with the major search engines.

Effective SEO is a sophisticated process consisting of many nuances in respect to how it is organized. All these nuances contribute to SEO to varying degrees and it comes down to finding the right balance between them. In the end your site will display higher in the organic or natural results listing than it did prior to an SEO campaign.

Our approach includes:

  • Analysis of current positioning in Google.
  • Determine who is the right visitor to your web site.
  • Determine which keywords are most likely to be used in a Google Search.
  • Keyword and competitor research.
  • Determine best course of action for success and implement on-site optimization.
  • Consider link building and other contributing factors.
  • Track and measure results, tweak if needed.

REMEMBER: Using more specific words will INCREASE the number of RIGHT visitors and REDUCE the number of WRONG visitors. LESS traffic, MORE qualified visitors.

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