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As a business owner you want lots of visitors on your web site. The assumption is that more visitors will mean more sales of your product. However, if you’re selling bicycles, and most of those visitors are looking for skateboards, you’re not going to sell anything.   Understanding how to bring about the ‘right’ visitor to your web site is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a process which attracts highly targeted visitors to your web site. At OfficeSmarts Web Design, we are highly experienced in creating those high quality in-bound leads. We offer a strategic approach to improving your site’s ranking with the major search engines. This starts with thorough keyword research and a detailed review of your on-line competition.

Effective SEO is a sophisticated process consisting of many nuances in respect to how it is organized. All these nuances contribute to SEO to varying degrees and it comes down to finding the right balance between them. In the end your site will display higher in the organic or natural results listing than it did prior to an SEO campaign.

Natural or organic SEO results is based on how well you have optimized your web content to have search engines recognize your site as being relevant to specific keywords.

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