Officesmarts Web Design Testimonials

  • We are extremely satisfied with our new website designed by OfficeSmarts Web Design. Our requirements were for a responsive and easy to navigate website with a clean crisp look. The team at OfficeSmarts was dedicated to meeting our needs and pleasant to work with. Timelines for this project were completed as planned.

    Denis VanLaeken

  • The results of my decision to work with OfficeSmarts have been fantastic! I often have people asking me who did my web site, and I’ve been very happy to pass that information along. Mary-Jane worked very hard at understanding what I was looking for, and delivered far more than I ever expected. I respected all of her recommendations. Working with OfficeSmarts gave me a professional, personalized service far beyond what I was expecting, leaving me with a “I love my web site!” attitude. They are an amazing work team, the expectations are delivered far beyond what one expects. They strive to understand, recommend and deliver more than expected. Absolutely recommend you work with Mary-Jane and her OfficeSmarts team.

    Charlena Robinson

  • The decision to hire Mary-Jane Debreuil of OfficeSmarts was a good one for our Crop Diagnostic School as she helped us transition our manual registration process for event and course registrations to an on-line registration process. Her powerful questions and experience helped us identify and implement a simple online registration system that was completely sufficient to meet our needs in year one. Going forward, we have determined that online registration is the way to go as it provides convenience of registration for our course participants, as well as, the peace of mind from receiving immediate payment. We are happy with our decision to hire Mary-Jane to provide us with a more sophisticated and permanent on-line registration solution for our Crop Diagnostic School next year. Thank you Mary-Jane for your dedication to our needs!

    Sherrilyn Phelps

  • I had a sense of urgency in trying to get my business up and running as fast as I could and OfficeSmarts made every effort to meet or exceed my expectations on delivery of the web site. My site was up and running within 4 to 5 weeks. Working with OfficeSmarts has given me both design and delivery of a professional looking web site. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank OfficeSmarts as a 10. Anytime we needed to tweak the web site or add on something after the site was launched, everything was handled in a professional manner and was delivered in a timely manner. I never had to follow-up on my requests, they just got implemented. They realize that they are in the service delivery business and they take the time to understand what your needs are and then they implement a very professional business solution for you and your company. I definitely would recommend OfficeSmarts to anyone looking for the creative development and delivery of a web site.

    John Moakler

  • Mary-Jane Debreuil of OfficeSmarts has provided our business with web and email marketing services since 2004. We have been most satisfied both with Mary-Jane’s quality of work and her work ethic and were happy to rehire her in 2013 to modernize our website 9 years after the initial publication. Our needs changed as we desired to be found on the search engines as we have come to learn from Mary-Jane that many of our clients search the website when making decisions to rent or purchase containers or trailer. The decline of the usefulness of the yellow pages has put an enormous pressure on us to be found on the web.

    Ross Arnold

  • In meeting with Mary-Jane to explore new projects I was impressed with her creativity and experience in web design. We have a new project underway and my initial impressions have been confirmed. Mary-Jane and her team are good listeners and really tap into what makes our company and message unique. Their creativity in bringing our story alive in our new web site has WOWed us! We are a new company with products made possible through breakthrough processing technology. OfficeSmarts has creatively and effectively designed our web site to engage our target audience resulting in quality inquiries. OfficeSmarts has made it easy for us. We have the engaging web site/selling tool that we needed, and all was within the budget we had set aside for this project. What makes OfficeSmarts different is that it is about ‘us’ the client and not about ‘them’. OfficeSmarts is not about how wildly creative they are … it is about what is best for us, the client.

    Helen Ann Dillon

  • What I like most about OfficeSmarts is the personal approach they took with my project. OfficeSmarts listened to me as a client, and was always amenable to any changes that I requested. I had previously hired a web design company that did not hear me (the client) and after months, I ended up paying for nothing. It was then that I engaged OfficeSmarts. They worked on my project at my pace, and pushed (just hard enough) to make sure that we kept the momentum going until the completion of the web site. The end result exceeded my expectations and I have received very positive feedback.

    Doug Warkentin

  • OfficeSmarts is up-to-date with ideas, and super organized. Frankly, they deal with virtually all aspects of my web presence which allows me stay focused on my work. Their professionalism comes through in every service they provide. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs web site work, e-commerce, or e-marketing.

    Mark d’Almeida

  • I had heard good things about OfficeSmarts before hiring them, which of course, raised my expectations, OfficeSmarts didn’t disappoint! Mary-Jane at OfficeSmarts is very accommodating and patient; she made my experience a positive one What makes them unique is that they want you to be successful without trying to sell you something you don’t need. Working with OfficeSmarts gave me 3 things… a sharp looking web site, knowledge on the process, and confidence. Would I recommend OfficeSmarts to others? ABSOLUTELY!!! My experience of working with them is extremely high and I have already recommended them on a couple of occasions. Just do it… you won’t be disappointed!

    Barry Jansen

  • OfficeSmarts produces excellent work without fanfare and does so at a very reasonable price. I appreciate their ability to do any task that they were challenged with. The diverse skills and management abilities of Mary-Jane continue to impress me. OfficeSmarts is always willing to try a new concept or a new technique. They are not afraid to do something for the first time, and they learn fast. OfficeSmarts is very organized in the completion of their projects. Officesmarts did everything that needed to be done in my projects. I did not have to go subcontract bits and pieces, they did it all and did it well. I was consulted along the way with realistic mock-ups of pages and programs. Officesmarts is clear, open, detailed and reasonable in their estimates of a project cost, providing excellent value. Their service was timely and on budget. You get what you ask for and more. My contacts at OfficeSmarts have been very personable and easy to work with and I was always completely satisfied with the completed projects. What makes OfficeSmarts unique to many of the competition is that they treated me with respect. OfficeSmarts has the highest rating in my book, and I would 100% recommend you to work with them. You can trust OfficeSmarts if you are considering hiring them for your next project. Talk through your project and listen to their advice and recommendations because they have the experience to know.

    Gary Martens

  • We found the services of OfficeSmarts invaluable! Mary-Jane is efficient, organized, detail-oriented, professional, innovative and above all, very friendly to work with! Through her efforts, we were able to save time, save money and deliver a successful conference. I always felt like I could pick up the phone and get Mary-Jane’s help. We would “absolutely” recommend OfficeSmarts to other individuals. Overall, a full 10/10 rating in my books!

    Patricia Meyers

  • I contacted OfficeSmarts to develop and host our company website. My experience has been tremendously positive. Attention to detail and understanding of what we wanted for our on-line representation was precise and efficient. Any edits or alterations were performed accurately and quickly. We look forward to your continued hosting and production of our website.

    Richard Bembridge

  • Mary-Jane Debreuil and her web design/web marketing business OfficeSmarts have been instrumental in providing a well-designed, attractive, and productive web site for both my business and my local Community Centre. From the initial, free consultation, through the deployment stage they provided quality work at a very reasonable price, and they delivered a professional, quality product on time and on budget as promised. Mary-Jane was able to provide a service that allowed me to contribute what content and ideas I could, and she used that to produce the finished site. Most of all I appreciated her patience at answering my questions and helping me with the technical parts of the website that I needed to care for myself. We utilize their E-Newsletter production and distribution capabilities as a successful sales tool that keeps our business in constant communications with our key clients and channel partners. Their marketing services include accurate reporting features that allow us to track our progress and effectively use the information provided to target our key markets. Adhere Distributors and Greendell Park Community Centre both have attractive and successful sites thanks to OfficeSmarts and Mary-Jane’s service. I look forward to working with them soon as we plan for a re-design to our business site early in the 1st quarter of the upcoming year.

    Roy Gardiner